Vicente García y González

Vicente García González was a General in the Cuban Ten Years’ War (Spanish: Guerra de los Diez Años, also known as the Great War) and later a Cuban President who was assassinated by the Spanish after the war. García was born on January 23, 1833 and died on May 4, 1886.

Early years

In November 1877 President Estrada Palma is captured and imprisoned by the Spaniards. Maximo Gomez is offered the presidency, but he refuses. [Many believe this to be factor that ended the Ten Year War unfavorably for the rebels.] General Vicente García is named president of the Republic of Cuba.

Final years

On June 7, he left for Venezuela on the steamship “Guadalquivir”. He settled in Rio Chico, where he founded a cooperative with his family. He continued to support the new revolutionary outburst, and the Spanish assassinated him. The Spanish put ground glass in his food, a typical Cuban dish called quimbombó (Pork And Okra Stew With Plantains), that Garcia liked very much. On March 4, 1888, the Cuban General and President died.

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