Miguel Mariano Gómez

Miguel Mariano Gómez y Arias (October 6, 1889 – October 26, 1950), was a Cuban politician who served as President of Cuba for seven months in 1936.

Gómez was the son of Cuba’s second president, José Miguel Gómez. Born in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba, he served several terms in the Cuban House of Representatives and in 1926 was elected mayor of Havana. As a participant in the 1931 revolt against the government, he went into exile in New York City, returning to Cuba in 1933 after the ouster of president Gerardo Machado. In 1934, he was again elected as mayor of Havana.

Following years of political instability, Miguel Mariano Gómez was elected President of Cuba. Inaugurated May 20, 1936 he served until December when he was impeached and removed from office by a group that included future dictator, Fulgencio Batista. He then left Cuba for the United States and returned to Cuba in 1939. In 1940, he ran again for mayor of Havana but lost to Raul Menocal. After that he retired from public life.

He was married to Serafina Diago y Cardenas and they had three daughters, Serafina, Graziella and Margarita Gomez y Diago. He attended a Jesuit school in Cienfuegos and later studied law.

Miguel Mariano Gómez died in Havana in 1950 at age 61 after a long illness.

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